To create a railcard for startups across the UK.

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To create a railcard for startups across the UK.

Following the recent increase in train ticket prices, the UK start-up community – that is heavily dependent on the train line to grow their businesses – is asking Virgin and the ATOC to introduce a Startup Railcard to reduce the travel costs and support entrepreneurship.

Networking around the country is key to growing businesses and so travelling to and from London for entrepreneurs who live outside the capital is unavoidable. Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, already has an initiative in place called Virgin Startup, a not for profit organisation that offers mentoring and financial support to thousands of 18-30 year old entrepreneurs across the UK.

Unfortunately, missing from this enterprise is the capability for people both within and outside of this age range and who live outside of London to travel to and from the capital at a reasonable rate via Virgin Trains. This journey is costly, but for startups it is inevitable. To book a week in advance, an open return from Manchester to London can cost the commuter upward of £300.

This can impact an entrepreneur greatly and without the ability to travel the country, meetings cannot be had, deals cannot be done and in the long term the economy will suffer. Startups are the basis of the UK economy and so for entrepreneurs to be able to travel at a discounted rate, not only will this aid them and their business but it will additionally help the rest of the country in the long-term as well.


Petition by,
Steven Bartlett, CEO, Social Chain Group.





Dear Richard Branson and the ATOC,

If you want to support startup entrepreneurship in the UK, please consider introducing a Startup railcard.

The train lines, especially for startups outside of London, are vitally important for growing businesses and ticket prices can be crippling for entrepreneurs.

Having a startup railcard encourages and facilitates national entrepreneurship, thus helping the UK economy long-term.


The UK’s Start-up entrepreneurs.





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First update – We have officially launched our petition to Richard Branson to create a railcard for UK startups. Keep an eye on our website for regular updates as the campaign moves forward.


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